Aizwal is the capital of Mizoram - the state of Mizo people. Located at an altitude of 3600 feet, Aizwal is also the largest city in the State. The place is well known for its rich tribal culture and handicrafts. The town with its natural view and mind weather attracts tourists.

In Aizwal you can observe the culture and tradition of the Mizo people whose lifestyle is a mix of cultures influenced by Tibetan, Burmese and Buddhist traditions. Christianity is the main religion found.

How to Reach

There is no railway network inside the state of Mizoram. The nearest railway station is Silchar in Assam which is 170 km away.

The Lengpui airport near Aizwal is the only airport in Mizoram. It has direct flight connectivity to Guwahati, Kolkata and Imphal. The airport is located at a distance of about 32 km from Aizwal city.

Aizwal is also connected by road to its neighbouring states of Tripura, Assam and Manipur.


The city and its hillside have a natural beauty to them which can keep visitors engaged here. 

Durtlang Hills - 5 km from the city, this hillside viewpoint is popular for its picturesque view of the city. There is also a trekking point in the vicinity.

Reiek Tlang is a hill about 30 km from Aizwal, it is a long cliff and from the top of it, one can get quite an amazing view of the surrounding hillside. There is a nature hike that leads you to the hill.

Mizoram State Museum - the museum displays the local culture along with archaeological artefacts, handicrafts, and the natural history of the area.

Solomon Temple – This is a grand church built very recently. The foundation of the church was laid in 1996 and it was officially completed and inaugurated in 2017.

Falkawn Village – the village located about 22 km from Aizwal, is developed as a model village. The traditional architecture, handicrafts, and dresses of the Mizo people can be experienced here.

Apart from the above, the other attraction in and around Aizawl include -
Vantawng Falls (52 km) - the highest waterfall in the State
Humifang (31 km) - Kut the festival is regularly held here highlighting various Mizo dances, 
Dampa Tiger Reserve (33 km)- the largest wildlife sanctuary in Mizoram
Tamdil (Tam Lake), which translates into ‘Lake of Mustard’ in Mizo is 24 km away from the city

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