Chabimura (also written Chobimura) is known for its Archaeological site of rock sculptures, a panel of stone images on the bank of River Gomati. The hilly area where these carvings are situated is known as Devtamura or Debtamura hills. This blissful hill range embellished South Tripura with the Gomti River kissing its feet. The place is often referred to by locals as the Amazon of India, famous for its panel of rock curving on the steep mountain's wall on the bank of the River. The stone images are believed to have been created as a mark of a revival of Brahmanism during the 15th and 16th centuries when the influence of Buddhism waned in India. There are in all 37 rock-cut images of Shiva, Vishnu, Kartikeya, Durga and other Gods and goddesses.

Getting There

A drive of about 80 km from Agartala will bring you to the south Tripura town of Amarpur. The Tripureswari temple is on your way to reaching here, so you may also decide to pay a visit to the temple before reaching Amarpur. From here take the village road for about 8 km to reach the starting point of the Chabimura visit.

The Tour

The mystic hill sculptures are the reason why tourists visit Chabimura, but the journey to reach there is even more exciting. The boating starts at Debtamura boating point and you will be boating through a fast-flowing hilly river with dense forests on the hills of both sides. The journey is sure to invoke awe in anyone. 

Halfway through the journey, you may stop at the optional cave visit. The boat will stop on the shore and tourists have to walk about 200 meters to the entrance of a cave. This visit is strictly for nature and adventure lovers and not for the very young and the elderly. The 200 meters walk is through a perennially running stream, so you have to keep your shoe on the boat. Part of the walk includes somewhat risky and slippery stones and when you reach the cave, you will only get to have an outside view as the inside is absolutely dark. However, for the adventurous and nature lovers, the walk to the cave can be a very rewarding experience.

Return to the boat and continue your journey to the main attraction of Chabimura, a 20 feet tall curving of Goddess Durga on the walls of the hill. This is the point of your final stoppage. Tourists are allowed to get down from the boat and visit the curving and take photographs, after a short stay here you will be starting your return trip to the boating point. The entire tour should take anywhere between one to one and half hours to complete.

The boating activity here has started only in the last few years and tourism activity is at its nascent stage at Chabimura. So do not expect a great tourism infrastructure, but the natural beauty of the place and the rock carvings are sure to inspire your awe.


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