Hotel Tawang View

Hotel Tawang view is not one but 3 different hotels managed by the same group located in Tawang Town. Hotel Tawang View (Nehru Market) and Hotel Tawang View (Old Market) are budget hotels whereas Hotel Tawang View (Zax Star) is a standard hotel.


Hotel Tawang view (old market) is located in the main market area. Tawang view (Nehru Market) is just five minutes walk on the main road towards Sela Pass. Tawang view (Zax Star) is located close to the handicraft centre, about 15 minutes walk from the main market.


Hotel Tawang view (Old Market) and Hotel Tawang view (Nehru Market) both are basic hotels where rooms have attached bath and hot and cold water. Basic services such as room heater, television, room service are available here.
Hotel Tawang view (Zax Star) in addition has better room and wood panelling in rooms.

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