Khonoma Village

Khonoma is a village in Nagaland, situated at an altitude of 5320 feet above sea level. The village is located at Dzukou Valley, 20 Kilometers west of Kohima - The Capital of Nagaland. There are many interesting and unique characteristics of the village which attract tourists here. 

The village was established around 700 years ago and is spread over the top of a hill. The local population practice the age-old tradition of shifting cultivation or jhum cultivation. The village is an ideal place to understand the culture of the Naga people. The entire population of the village consist of Angami Naga people.

The village has a population of about 2000 people and it is built like a fort. There is only one entrance to the village which has to pass through a small gate. Once this gate is closed, there is no easy way to access the village. This is one of the reasons why over centuries this village has been able to defend itself against several attacks from hostile outside forces.

How To Reach :

The village is quite close to the capital Kohima and is 45 minutes to an hour's drive from the city. 


Most tourists come to Khonoma as part of a day sightseeing tour from Kohima. However, there are accommodations (mostly homestays) available in the immediate vicinity of the village. So one can stay in the village and visit Kohima from here.


The local culture of the Angami Naga people, their history and the eco-friendly environment and clean surrounding are the primary attraction here. The village walk is a popular tourist activity. It is recommended that a local guide is hired without help it will be difficult for a visitor to understand the intricacies of the local culture. The memorials of the British and native soldiers are a must-visit which tell the story of multiple attacks and defence by the fierce Naga tribe. The small fort on top of the village is also an attraction. There is a big muzzle-loading gun in the village which is about 7 feet in length and attracts tourist attention.

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