Loktak Lake and Moirang

Loktak Lake is one of the prime attractions of Manipur. It is a freshwater lake, also known as the floating lake, situated in Moirang about 45 Km from the state capital Imphal. There are several floating islands on the lake (locally called Phum din). These round-shaped floating islands have huts built on them by the local fishermen which give this island its unique look and character. Fishing is also the main economic activity of the local people here.

Moirang also has historical significance for the Indian independence struggle. ‘Indian National Army’ which was fighting the British under the leadership of Subhash Chandra Bose, first unfurled its flag on April 14th 1944 at Moirang. There is a museum at Moirang named the INA Museum. The museum has a collection of all Letters, Photographs, Badges for ranks and other war memorabilia which reminds visitors of the sacrifices of the INA soldiers.

Close to the Moirang market, there is a place named Sendra. It is a small hillock with a few tourist accommodations. The hill provides an excellent view of Moirang lake from a height. Boating on the Lake is also a lifetime experience for tourists.

Loktak is also a birding paradise. Several rare species can easily be found here which include the black kite, Northern Hill Mayna, East Himalayan Pied Kingfisher, Lesser Skylark and many others.
The Sangai Deer is also a famous attraction in the area. The unique species of deer can be found only in this area. To preserve the unique and beautiful species, most part of Loktak Lake is declared Keibul National park.

There is an ancient temple of a local deity, Lord Thangjing. The traditional ‘Moirang Laj Haraoba’ festival is celebrated in the month of May every year of Thangjing.  The local people celebrate in their traditional costumes, sing and dance in honour of the Lord here. The village of Moirang is also the place from where a graceful form of dance known as Khamba-Thoibi dance originated.

Getting There

Imphal is the nearest major road and air connectivity point. From Imphal to Moirang is about 45 km and an hour's drive

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