Manipur is a hilly state in the North East of India. It is bounded by Nagaland to the North and Mizoram to the South. Myanmar is to its east and Assam to its West. Manipur is often considered the gateway to land connectivity between India and Southeast Asia. The Asian Highway travel via Manipur to Myanmar and then to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The state is famous for its natural and cultural heritage. The Loktak lake and its Shanghai dear form part of its natural heritage, and as part of its cultural heritage, Manipur stands out as the birthplace of modern ‘Polo’.

The heart of all activity in the state is in its central valley where the capital Imphal is located. The valley is surrounded on all sides by hills which are dominated by the tribals. The Meities are the major tribe of the state with a 53% share of the population. The state language is also Meitei which dominates the Imphal valley. The tribals such as the Tangkhul Nagas, the Kukis and the Monsangs mostly dominate the hilly area. 

Manipur is also the land of festivals. The different tribes have their varied festivals and one or the other can be seen being celebrated almost any month of the year. Yaoshang, Gaan Ngai, Cheiraoba, Kang, Heikru Hidongba, Kut, Ningol Chakkouba, Mera Houchongba and Lui Ngaini are names of some of the festivals.

Getting There 

Flying to Imphal is the easiest and fastest mode of transport. The Imphal airport has regular flight connectivity with Guwahati, Kolkata, Delhi and Agartala. Imphal is connected to Kohima (5 hours) and then onwards to Dimapur (203 kilometres, 7 hours).

Place to Visit 

Loktak Lake - The Prime attraction of Manipur is the Loktak Lake, also known as the floating Lake. This freshwater lake is situated in Moirag about 45 Km from the capital Imphal. The beautiful and large lake is said to have covered the entire valley at one point in time. This is home to the unique shanghai deer. There are circular floating land formations in the lake where farming takes place. There are floating huts (called Phumsum) where farmers and fishermen live. Boating on the Lake is a lifetime experience for tourists.

Keibul National Park - The Keibul National Park is Located 7 km far from Loktak Lake and is the last dwelling of ‘Shanghai Deer’. Wildlife enthusiasts come here from all over the world for a glimpse of the deer in this unique wetland ecosystem. Keibul National Park is a paradise for bird lovers.

Shirui Village - Shirui is a small village of approx 500 people Located in the Ukhrul district. It is famous for the rare Shiroi Lily flower which is grown in the Shirui village in the month of May to June. Villagers celebrate the Shiroi Lilly festival every year. Adventure lovers can trek to Shirui peak and enjoy the magic of Nature, the valley covered like Green Carpet. People will be overwhelmed by untouched Nature.

Red Hills –Maibal Lokpaching - Red hills is a historical Place in Bishnupur District, 16 Kilometers away from Imphal. It is a site of the battle of World war 2 between British and Japanese soldiers.

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