Mon is the name of a small town and a district in Nagaland. It is located in the Northern corner of the state far away from the capital Kohima. It is surrounded by Arunachal Pradesh in the north, Assam in the west, Myanmar in the east and Tuensang district of Nagaland in the south. Mon district is the northernmost district of Nagaland and Mon town is the district headquarter.  The district is divided into two regions one is Upper Mon which comprises of  Longching, Chen, Mopong & Tobu areas and the other is the Kower region which comprises of Mon, Tizit & Naginimora area. 

Mon is home to several tribes who have been living here for many centuries. Mon is famous for its raw beauty of nature, the tourists enjoy the offbeat destination far away from the city chaos. This place offers a scenic view of the mountain peaks, small villages, organic fruits, picturesque location & a little trekking. 

Getting There

The nearest airport from Mon is at Dimapur, which is around 260 Km and takes close to 8 hours to reach. Dimapur railway station is the nearest railway station.

To See

The area is visited by tourists who are interested in local tribes and their culture and pristine nature. There are several villages in the area which can be visited to get to know the local people.

Shangnyu village - Approximately 6 Km from the Mon town, Shangnyu village is the home of the Konyak Naga people. The village heads house is believed to be about 500 years old. There is an old wooden structure in the village approximately 8 feet in height was built for the local warriors. Other than the Konyak tribes, the splendid view surrounding the village is also an attraction.

Longwa Village - Another place to visit in Mon district is Longwa village also know as Lungwa village. It is one of the largest villages in Mon and is situated about 35 km from the Mon town. The village is located right on the India – Myanmar border. In fact, part of the village is on both countries and the people here live without recognising the international border which both the countries government also seem to have accepted.

Veda peak - is the highest peak in Mon district, it is a picturesque place about 70 Km from the Mon town. On a clear day, great views of Assam plains including that of River Brahmaputra & River Chindwin can be seen from here.

Some of the other places that can be visited from Mon district is Chui Village, Naganimora, a visit to the local market for local Handicrafts.

Local People and their Culture

Mon is the home of the Konyak Nagas, the famous headhunters of Nagaland. The people here have a traditional tattoo on their face and wear bird feathers on their head. The Konyak Nagas are known as experienced and skilled craftsmen and artists. Their house is decorated with skulls, of heads, they have hunted over many centuries, and also with hornbill beaks, elephant tusks, horns etc. The tribal leader is known as the Angh. The Anghs have the largest house in the village with a human skull display in the front.

The biggest & most colourful festival of the Konyak is Aoleang Monyu which is a spectacular watch, the tribes dressed in colourful traditional clothes dance their cultural dance. With changing time the young Konyaks have been giving up their traditional way of life and getting adopted to modern lifestyle.


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