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Chaam Dance or the Mask Dance - This is a festivals very famous among the Buddhist and is held during festivals. The time and venue are the whole of North East India, Nepal and Bhutan. If one is lucky one can come across this colorful festival. Bhutanese Chyaam Dance or the Mask dance is being held at the Sangchen Dorjee monastary in Pedong from the 12th April, 2011 to 15th April, 2011. This monastary is approximately  15 to maximum 20 minutes walk from Silk Route. This dances are said to bring blessings to onlookers. The origins of the dances date back to the 8th century. Dancers wrap their heads with cloth strips to protect them from the weight of the masks.Bhutanese feels this an extension of their religious and social lives because the movement reflects their deep devotion, compassion, tolerance and harmonious living. The dancers, who wear flowing, colorful costumes, take on the roles of wrathful and compassionate deities, heroes, demons, the dead and animals. Their movements tell stories about history and fantasy. Women also participate influenced by the part of the country where the dance originated such Tibet in the north or Nepal in the south. The dances are accompanied by the music of cymbals, drums, large and small horns, conches and bells........... Source Mr. Bidhan Acharya 

Posted on: 05 Apr, 2011

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