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Siliguri - 8th May, 2012 - Tourism today is the largest industry of the world with the highest livelihood generation rate. It not only helps to develop an area, but also helps to provide a identity to isolated places and people. Tourism is the one and only industry which generates the sense of pride among the youths, who then lives the world from his own house.
Tourism as we know, unlike other industries (where the production site and the consumer are in 02 different locations), only in case of tourism the production site and consumer are always at the same point. Hence, any disturbance like BANDHS / STRIKES / HARTAALS at the production site affects the consumer also, thereby paralyzing the industry for much longer period than the Bandh itself. There are several cycles involved in tourism as there are multi level suppliers or service providers, who in turn are dependent on other industries in a integrated process to complete a product.
We also have to remember that there are several tourism destinations competing with one another and hence, any unpleasant incident, the tourists may turn their back to the destination. This delicate industry can generate a better image for the other industries through visitors, but the only condition is PEACE. Like medical treatment of the suffering body, travel is a treatment to the stressed mind, but in any hindrance to a planned travel program, the PEACE is broken and a wrong message of the area reaches the world.
Continuous Bandhs for the past few years, mainly during seasons has left a tourism industry of North Bengal and Sikkim, which was growing at rate more than the National average, has dropped below counting average. We need to convince all our political leaders, the local, state and National Governments and the people in general that the time has come when we should consider 'To keep tourism out of the purview of Bandhs'.  We in our association preach & believe in the matter of “Tourism for Peace & Harmony” and promote the same for our region.
For the purpose, a meeting was held at Siliguri, the gateway of tourism for North Bengal and Sikkim today.  The idea of the meet / convention was to ensure that we the stakeholders decide on the next set of agenda and programs of how to go ahead from here. The basic idea is to unite and take the tourism Industry of North Bengal and Sikkim to new heights with suggestions and views from all connected in the travel industry in the day’s event.
It was a successful meeting in full strength from your destination, with all stakeholders, directly or indirectly linked with the tourism industry attending the same along with a rally. Our strength lies in our unity  ....... EHTTOA

Posted on: 08 May, 2012

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