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Nepal Plane Crash : A small plane owned by a private company crashed in northwest Nepal 14th May, 2012, killing 15 people including 13 Indians & 2 Nepalis out of the 21 people on board, near the tricky airport around 2600 meters above sea level. 
The Dornier aircraft owned by private Agni Air company was carrying 18 passengers and a crew of three on a flight from the resort town of Pokhara to Jomsom when it crashed while landing at the mountain airstrip. Six survivors had been taken to a hospital in Pokhara and the condition of at least one of them is critical. Two Danish tourists were among those rescued.
Jomsom, about 125 kilometers (79 miles) northwest of Kathmandu, is a gateway for trekking in the region where Mount Annapurna, the world's 10th highest mountain, is located. In September last year, 19 people returning after viewing Mount Everest were killed when their plane crashed in bad weather near Kathmandu. 
Child artist Taruni Sachdev (Of India), who played Amitabh's school friend in "Paa", died in the crash. Amitabh Bacchan has expressed shock over the death. "Just reading that Taruni Sachdev the girl child artist in 'Paa', has perished in Nepal plane crash .. please god may this not be true," Amitabh posted on his Twitter page. At 14, Turni had already featured in almost 50 ads and did a cameo in "Paa". 
Amitabh, has memories of Jomsom. "Jomsom, where the plane crash in Nepal took place is where we shot 'Khuda Gawah', a raw airfield and most difficult to land on," posted Big B. Abhishek Bachchan was equally saddened."SHOCKED and very saddened to hear about the Nepal plane crash. Lost one of my cutest co-stars. Little Taruni Sachdev from PAA. Speechless," Abhishek tweeted.Taruni has also starred in a couple of Malayalam movies. Her death is being mourned by the Malayalam film industry too.
Personally I have seen that boarding passes do not contain the names of the passengers at all. Just a rubber stamp of flight number. Not even the seat number. So it will be difficult to get the names of the passengers in any such events. Boarding passses are given like bus tickets or film tickets, IATA should make rigorous checks to see full safety measures are in place.

Posted on: 15 May, 2012

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