Rishyap or Rishop

Rishyap is a small tourist village in the Kalimpong hills situated at an altitude of about 8,100 feet. The village is located close to Lava, a popular tourist hamlet. The undiluted charm of staying in a hill village among chirping birds and waking up with a view of the Majestic Kanchenjunga is the primary reason behind the popularity of Rishyap. Apart from the Kanchenjunga range, a visitor can also see the Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal mountains including Jelep la from Rishyap. Nathula, the famous Into-Chinese border that has been opened up for trade, is also visible from here.

Getting There

About 7 km from Lava towards Kalimpong, you will have to take a right turn and drive about 5 km to reach Rishyap. The last few kilometres are mostly not in great shape and smaller vehicles may have difficulty negotiating the steep curves, hence larger vehicles are recommended. 

There is a direct road from Lava to Rishyap through the forest, this used to be a trek route but now it is motorable too. The distance through this route is just 5 km. However, check with HUMRO TOURS travel advisors or locals about the latest condition of the road before embarking on a journey through this route.

If you are not carrying too much luggage and won't mind walking for 5 km, you may still opt for walking from Lava to Rishyap through this old route.

Nearby Places and distance from Rishyap

Lava – 12 km
Lolegaon – 32 km
Kalimpong – 35 km
Pedong – 24 km
Sillery Gaon – 25 km
Siliguri – 95 km
NJP Station – 102 km

To See and Do

Tiffindara (Dara means Hilltop in the local language) is a place that offers excellent views of the Himalayas. The same place is also sometimes referred to as Sherpa Dara. There is a viewing tower at Tiffindara for a better view of Rishyap and around. The hilltop can be reached on foot less than a km from Rishyap.

There are not a lot of sightseeing options in Rishyap, tourists visit Rishyap for its natural beauty and view more than local sightseeing. You may, however, visit the destinations nearby as part of a day trip. The nearby tourist destinations include Lava, Rikisum, Pedong, Lolegaon, and Kolakham. All these places can be covered in a couple of days' tour from Rishyap.


Over the years a number of tourist accommodations have come up at Rishyap. Most tourist accommodations are small-budget hotels and cannot be compared with hotels in major towns. Most hotels offer basic amenities such as hot and cold running water, an attached bath with WC and sumptuous food. You may contact our helpdesk team to know more about the present accommodations and their availability status at Rishyap.

Till now, there is no major shop in Rishyap where you can buy your daily requirements. We highly recommend that you carry your essentials such as medicine and packaged water etc. The nearest shops are at Lava and at the crossing where you leave the main road and turn towards Rishyap.

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