Uttarey is a small village close to Nepal border in West Sikkim. The place is about 30 km from the popular tourist destination of Pelling. Uttarey is popular among tourists for the serene environment of the place and many tourist attractions in and around it. From the higher ridges of the Uttarey hills, a view of the great mountain of Kanchenjunga can be seen.

Situated in the west district of Sikkim, you can reach Uttarey from Pelling or Dentam. On your way you will pass Singshore bridge, said to be the second highest bridge in Asia. The altitude of Uttarey is about 6600ft.

Uttarey is famous for its tranquillity and natural beauty. The place provides a beautiful view of the Himalayan mountains and is yet relatively less travelled by tourists. This allows a more serene atmosphere to be enjoyed. During winter the mountains around here are covered with snow allowing heavenly views.

Things to See at Uttarey

The Titanic Park – A building in the shape of the famous Ship is constructed opposite the main market of Uttarey. The building is closed but is a good place for taking photographs.

The Kagyu Gumpha (Gumpha is the local monastery) in Uttarey is a highly revered place of worship for the locals and a good place for sightseeing. The monastery is set amidst dense forests. The wall paintings in the monastery might be of interest to you. The Dentam peak and the river are also visible from the monastery. The place is about a 10-minute walk from Titanic park and is located on top of a hill. Build in 1711, this is one of the oldest monasteries of Sikkim. The Monastery building has been renovated and it is not the 1711 building that you will get to see here. 

Tenzing Hillary Memorial Park – The park was inaugurated in 2015 to add to the attraction of Uttarey. The road to the park is not in great shape at the time of writing this article, but it is worth a  visit for the mesmerizing view of the area. A great view of the Kanchenjunga range can be seen from here on a clear day. There are statues of the two great climbers here.

Trout Farm – The trout farm is just about 2 km from Uttarey village. There are several large cemented ponds in which the trout fishes can be seen in thousands. The surrounding area is also quite peaceful and serene and you might find it worth spending some time close to the river nearby.

Mainebass Waterfall – This is a beautiful waterfall near Uttarey that can be visited on foot. The waterfall is about 7 km from Uttarey town. You have to travel through the westbound road from Uttarey which leads to the trout farm. From here another 5 km walk through the forested trail will take you to Mainebass Falls. Camping near the waterfall is also possible.

Other important tourist spots around Uttarey include the Mainbus Waterfall and the Chewyabhang Pass. This pass is about 10 km from Uttara and is the gateway to Nepal.

How to reach Uttarey

Uttarey is the last village in the West Sikkim district. The Nepal border is just a few hour's treks from here. Most tourists coming to Uttarey has to reach the Rinchenpong area first. From here continuing on the same highway will take you to Uttarey via Bermiok, Hee and Dentam. The other route reaches here through Pelling. Both roads meet near Singshore bridge.

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From NJP – 160 km
From Darjeeling – 136 km
From Gangtok – 140 km
From Ravangla – 75 km
From Pelling – 30 km
From Rinchenpong – 35 km
From Dentam – 10 km


Uttarey and its surrounding area such as Hee have several small resorts and homestays. The budget hotels are concentrated mostly in the main market of Uttarey which is on the main road. Better accommodation options are spread all over the hills. For the best accommodation for your budget and preference, write to our helpdesk team by filling out the inquiry form.

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Uttarey Map

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