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Arunachal Pradesh, the erstwhile North East Frontier Agency (NEFA), is situated in the northeastern part of India and lies between 26 Degree 28' to 29 Degree 31' North latitudes and 91 Degree 30', to 97 Degree 30' East longitudes. Surrounded by China, Bhutan, and Myanmar on its three sides, Arunachal Pradesh is a land of rugged grandeur whose snowy peaks like Kangto (7090 meters), Nyegi Kangsang (7050 mts), Gorichen (6488 mts), Chomo (6000 meters), etc are gorged through roaring rivers and swift streams. It offers a breath taking spectacle of Nature’s glory in a wild profusion of flora, fauna and people abounding in a variety of tribal customs, culture, language and dress.

It is the homeland of 25 major tribal communities further divided into a number of smaller sub-group. The total population of the state is about 13 lakhs. Arunachal Pradesh has one of the lowest density of population in India with only 17 persons per square Kilometer though it is the largest of the seven north eastern states covering 83,743 square Kilometers.

The state is divided into twenty districts with the state's capital town of Itanagar in Papum Pare district.

Endowed with unsurpassed beauty, Arunachal Pradesh was, until recently, the hidden frontier, existing in splendid isolation. The magnificent landscape in its unspoilt glory is now accessible and open to tourists, travellers and adventure lovers.

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