Bindu Dooars

Bindu is only 107 km from Siliguri. The last hamlet of West Bengal, Bindu is a valley encircled by hills of Bhutan and India on the banks of river Jaldhaka. It is a feast for the eyes and a stimulating experience for the mind.

The road that leads to Bindu is in itself an unforgettable experience. The Dooars area starts immediately after you cross the Tista River at Coronation Bridge. The whole region is extremely beautiful with green vegetation all around. Most of the time you will be travelling through the plain with the hills on your left just a few hundred meters away. There is also the possibility of sighting wildlife on the way.

Bindu is a conglomeration of different aborigines. The peace-loving people of Bindu are engaged either in Elaichi (Cardamom) or Suntala (Orange) cultivation. Terrace cultivation is quite common here.

Just a few kilometres away from Bindu and paren on an accentuated height is Godak village. On either side of the road, you will find Cardamom and Orange plantation. From here, you can have a view of the few villages of Bhutan, Paren, and Bindu. On the way to Godak Government has set up a Cardamom Curing Centre for the farmers.

Sightseeing at Bindu

Bindu Dam - Built on the Jaldhaka River. A rare view of the Bhutan Himalayas and snow peak mountains in the winter.
Jaldhaka Hydel Project - The first hydroelectric project in India can be visited with the prior permission of the WBSEB authorities.
Cardamom Curing Centre - 14 km from Bindu. India's best Cardamom is dyed and processed here before shipment.
Gairibas Diascorrea Plantation - On the way to Bindu this place can be visited where a large area is under cultivation of medicinal plants, especially Diascorrea.
Godak Village - 15 km from Bindu. The belief of the tribes personified in the Debi sthan (house of Goddess). Watch the crowd worshipping a tiny river that emanates from a single rock that never dries up.

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