Changlang is a district in the eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh bordering Myanmar. It is situated south of Lohit district and north of Tirap District with Assam on its west and Myanmar on the east. 

Changlang is known for its local tribal inhabitants and their unique cultural traditions, forests, wildlife etc. The total area of the district is about 4662 sq km. The area offers both lush green forest in one hand and scenic mountain valleys on the other. 

Getting There

Like most of Upper Assam and eastern Arunachal Pradesh, Changlang is also served by the Dibrugarh Airport. The airport is approximately 130 km and takes close to 4 hours to reach.
The Tinsukia Railway station is about 95 Km &  3 Hours driving distance from Changlang.

Assam & Arunachal State transport have buses running from Dibrugarh to Changlang via Tinsukia on a daily basis.

To See

Miao - is a small village in Changlang Changlang district with a scenic spectacle covered with lush greenery in the bank of river Nao-Dehing. The town has a mini zoo, museum, Bishop house, Tibetan Refugee settlement camp are some of the sightseeing points in Miao.

Namdapha National Park - Its a National park & also a tiger reserve centre. Covered green forest with diverse Flora & Fauna. Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard is found along with bison, black bear, deer etc. It's also one of the popular tourist attraction.

Ledo Road - The historic Ledo road, connecting India with China via Burma (Present-day Myanmar), passes through Changlang. During the second world war, this road was constructed under the leadership of General Joseph Stilwell. In his memory, the road is still named Stilwell road. Pangsau pass is the border of India and Myanmar which is often visited by Indian tourists. The border restrictions are not very strict here and tourists are allowed to enter Myanmar and return back after a short trip inside.

Lake of no return - It's a famous lake in Changlang district, this lake is famous because during the second world war the lake is used for soft landing of aircraft that was hit by enemies. The lake is located not in Changlang but inside Myanmar. It can be seen from the Pangsau pass and also can be visited with permission from the authorities.

Local People

There are various tribes that live in Changlang a district like Tangsas, Tutsas, Singphos etc. Majority of the people in the region have adapted to Christianity or Buddhism. The Singphos are Buddhist by religion.

Moh - Mol festival is the festival of the Tangas tribe signifies the beginning of a crop season or any agricultural activity.

Pong Kuh Festival is the oldest festival of Tutsas tribe during the rainy season. This festival is also related to agriculture, the tribal perform their tribal dance with great joy.

Shapawng Yang Manu Poi festival of the Singpho tribes is celebrated every year in the month of February celebrated with colourful dance & drinking & eating with great joy & happiness.

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