The Jaldhaka Valley
Throughout its journey, Jaldhaka has created several tourist destinations in Dooars. Most important among them from a tourism perspective is the Jaldhaka Valley which roughly covers the area between Bindu where the Jaldhaka river enters India.

The valley of Jaldhaka, at 1500ft above sea level, is an old tourist destination that has gained prominence in the recent past. Situated on the hill section of Gorubathan under Kalimpong Sub-division it is cut off from the rest of the district by a mountain ridge descending south-west from Reche-la and is separated from Bhutan by the De-chu or Jaldhaka River.

This is a relatively large settlement beside River Jaldhaka with shops and small-budget hotels. If you are entering the Jaldhaka valley, Jhalong is the first major village you will come across.

Another small village beside the Jaldhaka river is located midway between Bindu and Jhalong. There is a forest bungalow at Paren where tourists may stay. Some private tourist accommodations have also come up in the area in the recent past.

There are a number of picturesque small villages in the area including Bindu, where a very old dam over Jaldhaka is built. This Dam is known as the Bindu Dam and is the first one built in Independent India. More

Todey and Tangta
These are two small villages ahead of Bindu in the Neora Valley National Park area. The area is famous for cardamom production. Tourism infrastructure is just getting developed here and there are limited tourist accommodations available. However, Todey Tangta can be visited based in Bindu or Jhalong from where Todey village is about an hour's drive through Paren. There is a Monastery at Todey which is a small market consisting of about 30 households. The area is also known for medicinal plants with a large medicinal garden known as Chamelidevi Ayurvedic Garden near the Village.

Getting There

Jaldhaka can be reached from Siliguri, (90Kms) and from Kalimpong (135Kms) after crossing the Coronation Bridge at Sevak and touching Chalsa, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Jhalong and Gairibus on the way. Apart from the natural surrounding, the hydroelectric power project situated 5 Km from the Bazaar is the centre of attraction here. There is a beautifully located forest rest house overlooking the scenic Jaldakha valley and the Bhutan hills.

Visit the area is a common activity for tourists staying in more popular tourist destinations of Western Dooars such as Gorumara and Samsing.

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