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The Darjeeling, Dooars and Sikkim region has some of the best and the most varied forests in India. It includes Tropical Moist Deciduous, Himalayan Moist Temperate, Himalayan Dry Temperate, Tropical Semi Evergreen, Tropical Dry Deciduous, Subtropical Broadleaved Hill, and Subtropical Pine forests.

The state of Sikkim has a recorded forest area of 265,000 hectors constituting 37.34 per cent of the geographic area of the state. West Bengal has a forest cover of 1.19 million ha, much of which is in the Darjeeling and Dooars region.

With such wide and varied forest cover, the region is also home to a large variety of fauna. The animals in the forest include Rhino, Tiger, Leopard, different varieties of Deer, Gaur, Monkey, Bear, the Himalayan red panda and countless other species and subspecies of birds, reptiles and animals.

In the Darjeeling and Dooars region, there is a tiger reserve at Buxa, wildlife sanctuaries at Jaldapara and Mahananda, and National parks at Gorumara, Neora Valley and Singalila. Sikkim has Kanchenjunga National Park and five wildlife sanctuaries.

Most of the forest area can be visited by tourists with prior permission from the forest department. HUMRO TOURS keeps close links with the department for this purpose. In many places, the forest rest houses and bungalows are the only decent accommodation available. HUMRO TOURS also arranges booking of these bungalows as and where they are available.

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