Karimganj town is the district headquarter of the district by the same name. It is located at the southernmost corner of Assam. It is a small sleepy town that is gaining popularity as a tourist destination. Karimganj is one of the furthest corners of North East India.

There are many forests in the adjoining regions of Karimganj that are worth a visit. This town is more a place of relaxation than a hectic sightseeing tour. The natural beauty of the small town is surrounded by hills and a small meandering river flowing through it, this is Karimganj for you. The district is surrounded on three sides by hills.

You can fly to Kumbhirgram and then drive for a couple of hours to reach here. If you are travelling by train, look for Badarpur Junction, the main railway hub for the Barak valley and southern Assam. The rail junction is 32 km from Karimganj. By road, you will be travelling 335 km from Guwahati through National Highway 44 to reach here.

The Karimganj district is bounded on the North and west by Bangladesh; on the South are Mizoram and Tripura and on the east is Hailakandi district of Assam.

Karimganj district has only one subdivision and that is Karimganj. A number of rivers such as Kushiara, Longai, and Shingla flow through the district. The majority of the population here are Bengalis speaking the Sylheti dialect.

Karimganj town is an important trade and commerce centre. International trade with Bangladesh also takes place throughout this town. There are major cargo-terminal, jetty, warehouses etc. in the town.

Places nearby

Sri Kancha Kanti Devi Temple – About 90 km from Karimganj on the way to Kumbhigram airport, the famous temple of Sri Kancha Kanti Devi.

Jatinga – Located 95 km away from Karimganj is this wonderful and mysterious place. more

A visit to the tea gardens – There are some tea gardens located around Karimganj. Some of the tea gardens are really very beautiful.

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