Mairung or Mayrong Gaon, Tendrabong forests

Have you heard about Tendrabong? Or Mairung / Mayrong village? If you have, then probably it is in recent years only. That is because the area was almost unheard of even just a few years back. The Tendrabong forest is adjacent to the Neora valley national park and was mostly unheard of till a road was constructed to connect Lava with Algarah bypassing the congested small town of Algarah. The Mairung village, now was accessible easily by road. Since the year 2019 homestays started coming up in the area and tourists in search of a peaceful and serene new destination started flocking to the area.


The main road to the village originates around the main bypass road and runs for about five kilometres to reach Kagey. Most of the houses and the homestays are concentrated close to the main road. There are forests all around the village. The village is on a slope that faces North and on a clear day you can view the snow-capped mountains of Sikkim and Tibet hills from here including the Nathula and Dzuluk areas. Mairung is a forest village and most villagers here have been living here for many years.

To See

At Mairung the primary attraction is nature at its pristine best. Get up early in the morning among the chirping birds. The area is popular among bird enthusiasts as a birding hotspot. You can freely walk around the village among the most welcoming locals. The mountain view will keep you mesmerized throughout your stay.

For day visits, Pedong, Lava and Kalimpong are easily accessible. Pedong being the nearest at just 20 minutes drive, Lava and Kalimpong would take close to 45 minutes to reach. All the sightseeing points of these destinations can be easily covered from Mairung.

How to reach Mairung / Tendrabong

Kalimpong is the major transportation hub for the area. From Kalimpong drive towards lava. After crossing Algarah, drive for about two kilometres before taking a left turn. A further drive of about a kilometre and you will find a small road descending towards your right. Just 500 meters ahead starts the village of Mairung.

If you are planning a visit to Mairung gaon and need a vehicle, our sister organisation Humro Cars offers vehicles for tourists at a reasonable price. You may contact them through the humro cars website.


The altitude of the village is just above 5000 feet. Being surrounded by dense vegetation, the village is cool even during the high summer months. Rain during the monsoon months is almost a daily phenomenon here. The summer temperature rarely crosses 25-degree centigrade and the winter temperature does not touch the freezing point.

Where to Stay

In 2023 at the time of writing this, there are close to 25 homestays in the village. Some of the accommodations are better than others. However new construction is coming up on a regular basis. We recommend you get in touch with our travel consultants over the phone or email and get information about the latest properties in the village. Humro Home closely works with several homestays in Mairung village. You may visit the humro home website for more information about the homestay accommodation in the village.

Google Map of Mairung Village

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