Murti is the name of a small river in Dooars that originates from Neora Valley National Park and meets with the Jaldhaka river at Raisai in Dooars. There may be dozens of rivers such as this across Dooars, what makes Murti river unique is its location and the path. The river reaches the Dooars plains at Samsing, one of the popular tea gardens and tourist destinations of Dooars. Here the area around Murti river is popularly known as Rocky Island. There are resorts and lodges built all around the Murti river here. This is one of the most popular picnic spots for locals in Dooars.
Further downstream the river has Chapramari forest on its East and Gorumara National Park on its West. Gorumara is the most popular tourist destination in Dooars, in this stretch of the river, it has a large number of resorts built on its banks. The North Dhupjhora area is popular for the large concentration of such resorts and the whole area is named after the river as Murti. So Murti here is not only a river but rather a destination on its own.

Further downstream it crosses the forest and enters the Ramsai area, this is another area where one can find some beautiful tourist stays close to the river and nature. Near Ramsai the Murti river joins the Jaldhaka river near the Jadabpur tea garden.

Murti is a small river, the entire stretch of the river would be around 70 to 80 km in length, but its popularity is quite unmatched among tourists. For one, this is a very safe river for most of the year. Except for monsoon months, one can get down in the river and play with its clean water and pebbles. The riverfront throughout its journey is full of forests and tea gardens offering unmatched beauty.

How to reach river Murti

Most tourists visit river Murti either at Samsing Rocky Island or at Murti riverside at Dhupjhora. Samsing rocky island is about 17 km from Chalsa crossing in western Dooars. This is about 100 km from Bagdogra airport and about 90 km from NJP railway station. Murti riverside at Dhupjhora is a popular tourist spot for tourists visiting Gorumara and its surrounding area. If you are visiting Gorumara, you can add sightseeing to Murti as part of your itinerary, or better still you may decide to stay at a resort on the riverfront.

Where to Stay

Rocky Island, Dhupjhora Murti, and Ramsai, all offer plenty of accommodation options. For the latest update about accommodation, we recommend you consult our travel experts. The choices at Rocky Island are mostly basic. Dhupjhora area has much larger resorts and better amenities including properties of West Bengal Tourism, West Bengal Forest Development Corporation and several private properties. A few high-end properties are also located in this area. In the Ramsai area, there are a few governments and private accommodations available. Apart from this, there are tourist accommodations in other places along the river such as at Panjhora near the National Highway.

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