Tea Tourism in Darjeeling - Sikkim - Dooars

A refreshing sea of green on the rolling hill-slopes. Peace everywhere, broken only by chirping of birds and gurgling of streams. The colorfully clad tea workers gently plucking the famous two leaves and a bud, humming many a merry tunes. And finally, colonial comfort in fabulous Bungalows with a hot cuppa - finest blend of aromatic… its Tea all about!!

Tea-tourism is a fast growing travel concept in the Eastern Himalayas, mainly in the Darjeeling hills and Dooars foothills. A retreat in tea gardens set amidst serene landscape is perhaps the most exotic and innovative way to enjoy nature.

naturebeyond has developed a few unique Tea Circuits in the Darjeeling-Dooars belt, and to this end, selected some of the best located gardens in the area. The accommodation is in the original Managers’ Bungalows, which are, usually, well-preserved old colonial structures. In side the antique furniture keep Glenburn Tea guarden cottagethe heritage illusion alive. Sprawling rooms with attached bath and fireplace are ideally designed to give you the desired warmth and comfort with delicious local and oriental cuisines.

Each naturebeyond tea tour has various flavors depending on the places and on your requirement. Given below some ideas:
Accommodation in Tea Bungalow with garden fresh bio-organic food
Tea Garden Walk 
Tea Processing observation
Tea Testing
Picnic day out with Birding or fishing
Interaction with the Garden workers 
Ethnic cultural program with bon fire
Nature tours, forest safaris and excursions
Hill toy train ride (Darjeeling Himalayan Railways)
Miscellaneous entertainment with golf, tennis and indoor game

DRINK TEA                SLEEP TEA                TOUR TEA

Tea Tourism started in Darjeeling hills towards the end of last century. Major fillip was received as the government emphasised on Tea tourism during the first few years of the last decade. A number of tea tourism destinations developed over the years which offer some of the most scenic accommodations in some of the best tea gardens anywhere in the world.

The undulating beauty of the Tea Gardens is the primary attraction of Tea Tourism. A well maintained tea garden with its tea bushes and shade trees can be a real feast for the eyes.

Most of the Tea Tourism projects allow guests to stay inside the Tea Garden in Tea Bungalows. These are mostly the managers Bungalows constructed during the British era and influenced by the Victorian and Gothic architecture. Many of these Tea Bungalows are more than a century old and staying in these places itself can be an enticing experience.

The Scenic beauty of these gardens is also mesmerising. The gardens provide excellent view of the mountains including view of Kanchenjuga range of mountains. Some of the gardens are set close to the forests and nature based tourism such as Birding is a good option.
At mytourideas, we arrange experience of tea tourism in its totally for our valued guests. Following are some of the best tea tourism options in the Darjeeling hills and adjacent Dooars area.

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